About John

I love board games...especially when I win. So it’s only natural that I became a marketer obsessed with data.

Let me explain…

Every game comes with some written rules. Collect $200 when you pass GO. Bishops can only move diagonally. Look at 7 letters at a time. But these games also come with unwritten rules. Don’t buy the railroads (a total trap). Don’t leave your King exposed. Play big words on Double or Triple Word tiles.

Identifying and mastering those rules is how you go from being a player to a winner.

Digital marketing has some 'written' (or at least well-established) rules, too. Build a website. Generate leads. Send emails. But those rules only make you a player. To become a master in the game of digital marketing, a winner, you need to figure out those unwritten rules. 

Data is how you figure out what the unwritten rules are for YOUR business. Your data, the information you’ve got on your website visitors, leads, and customers, contains everything you need to know to connect more deeply with customers and grow your business. 

That’s why I teach marketers and business owners how to track and analyze their data. I build systems that everyone can use to understand what’s going on in their business. And I get my hands dirty, too - working with clients to see what their data says and how they can use it to make decisions. Because that alchemical transformation of data into decisions is what almost every business today is missing.

My mission is to help every business I encounter, big and small, to feel like their decisions (and their business’ future) are based on a solid foundation.

And data-driven decision-making is the only way to do that. I say death to the gut feeling! Long live data!

If you know you should be making data-driven decisions but you don’t know how to get started, you can drop me a lineread my posts on LinkedIn and DigitalMarketer.com, or check out the Analytics & Data Mastery Certification I created for DigitalMarketer.